Spontaneous gratitude

There is nothing better than getting those unprompted “thank you’s” for doing something routine for someone.  Yesterday evening about an hour after putting my 3 year old to bed I heard her get up and go to the toilet.  She seemed to be taking a while so I went up to see if she was OK.  I walked her back to her room and tucked her up into bed and as I was about to give her a kiss she looked up at me and said ” Thank you mommy for helping me with my weeing, I really do love you!”

Heart melting moments.

It did make me think about how often we sincerely thank those around us for doing the mundane things; the cashier at the store, the secretary at the GP surgery, a husband making a cuppa or a manager at work. It’s the polite thing to do but how often to do we really mean it!

This week I’ll strive to create more of those moments for others!

Have you had any of those moments recently??


What do you think?

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