Summer days

So today was Jenna-May’s first sports day at Playgroup! Typically for the UK rain was forecasted however the day dawned sunny and with temperatures of 25 degrees! Nice! So cute, so funny and oh my so competitive – the parents not the kids! A brag from this mommy is her little lady won 2 races! Admittedly only one of them was legal whilst the other was more of a win at any cost deal!

I think it took longer for the teachers to organise them into lines and hold them back than actually do the races. It was a really lovely morning with all the parents and kids in attendance which we then followed up with a picnic in the park with one of Jenna’s best friends and our old childminder and 2 of the children she was looking after.

It’s crazy how quickly this time comes of school activities and we are so looking forward to being a part of them in the future; as is Carter who just wanted to join in the fun and refused to sit with mommy and daddy!

Can’t wait to see how the other 2 little ones do when their turn comes around!


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