Girlie morning

We decided last night that Jenna-May and I would spend some girlie time with just the 2 of us!  She was so super excited getting into the car and kept saying “just us 2 mommy? Carter and Tamsin staying with Daddy?”, “yes Jenna just us 2”, “really mommy?”, “yes Jenna…” and the conversation kept on and on.

Anyway we started off doing some shopping and doing a little browsing and then finished off with her first ever trip to the cinema! Wow her little face when the “BIG TV” came on was just too gorgeous! She was an absolute super star and sat of her chair and NO toilet breaks – which I think is a mini miracle!

All in all a really lovely time spent bonding with my not so little “big girl baby” as she calls herself.  We have been realising lately how important it is to try make space in the diary for each child to spend special alone time with each of us. Especially after Thursday night when Martin was out for the whole day from 7am until 7pm (at the British Open). He arrived home just in time to put the kids to bed and poor little Carter was just hysterical and would not settle just kept crying “Dada dada”.He’s such a sensitive little cuddle bunny (with a bit of bruiser chucked in for good luck)!

So here’s to many more special day memories in the making! Any cheap and cheerful suggestions are welcomed!

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