num num num

Well we have a little lady in the house who is getting very interested in food, watching the fork go back and forward and starting to moan every time we eat in front of her! And starting to chew chew chew on her little lip! Man it feels like yesterday I was going through these same motions – oh yeah wait it was, well almost! It was exactly a year ago Master Carter started doing the same thing and picking up food that Jenna dropped and popping it in his mouth.

Jenna-May’s first taste of food!

Carter started off a messy very independent eater and still continues!

I’m hoping to hold off for another 2-4 weeks until just after the 4 month mark to give myself at least a little time to get organised and start the endless rounds of pureeing – grrrrrrrr!! Need to empty out the freezer too to make some room!

Seriously time – SLOW DOWN!!!

I do love seeing them trying to figure the whole thing out and their different likes and dislikes however after vacuuming the floor under Carter’s high chair this evening I am not looking forward to accumulating even more mess under the table – not really sure it is possible either!

Oh well here comes the next chapter of food for our not so little anymore Tamsin Jayne – fun times ahead!

Wish me luck!


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