mmmmm…. honey comb!!

Wondering what to make when the cupboard is bare – honey comb! What to make if you’re short of time – honey comb! Need something super sweet – honey comb! Want something to do with the kids – honey comb!

Ok but let me be honest my first attempt was not so successful – don’t think I had the sugar on the heat for long enough!Think I might have lost a few fillings! Jenna has loved helping with this and watching the “magic” when the bicarb makes it bubble and grow (possible chemistry lesson in there somewhere)!

But here it is:

100g Castor sugar

2 spoons/forkfuls of syrup

1 teaspoon of bicarb of soda

Put the sugar and syrup in a bowl and give a good mix. Put over a low heat and melt until golden brown and passes the crack test (put some on a spoon and dip into cold water and listen for the crack!).

Take it off the stove and add the bicarb, whisk it quickly with a spoon and pour out onto some grease proof paper.  Allow to cool for about 2 hours and then smash it up with something hard (great for getting rid of frustration)!!

Seriously yummy and great sprinkled over ice cream or as an after dinner snack or gift!

Give it a go and let me know what you think, or rather what the kids think!


What do you think?

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