As much as I love my kids sometimes I look at all of them and think how different my life would be if “life” hadn’t happened the way it had.  We’d have WAY more money and more time which would mean more travel and holidays and evenings out. I’d have no stretch marks and wouldn’t need a boob lift! My couches wouldn’t be filthy and the walls need constant washing down from little hand prints! All the mission trips we’ve missed out on and the lack of time to serve as much as we would like.

Then I’ll look at them again and think of all the funny moments, the cuddles, smiles and precious words that come out of their mouths. I think about the future and teaching them to grow into loving, responsible, kind adults. Maybe this is our mission field at the moment? Maybe I won’t see the fruit right now but looking to the future as my children grow maybe I should focus on how many people might be ministered to by our ministering to them.

I’m gonna choose to think about these sacrifices as offerings, my small contribution. Let’s hope that just like the loaves and fish God will multiply it!  I’d still love more time and money but really in the grand scheme of life how important is it really?!!? I’m gonna say not at all!!


What do you think?

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