Sun, sand and paddling pools

The last few days have dawned sunny and warm so it’s out with the paddling pool on with the sun cream and out into the garden!!

I have been waiting for these moments all summer.  And waiting and waiting… I mean come on it’s been a very rainy summer, and before you say what do you expect in the UK stop! I know! but just a couple of days a week isn’t too much to ask for is it!!

Anyway back to the topic.  The kids are so much happier when the sun shines, and I can get them out the house, expending energy which = better sleep!!! Yes please!

Unfortunately paddling pool and sandpit = MUD!!! Everywhere!! On my sofa’s, all over my floors (newly cleaned floors I might add; by a cleaner I might add)!! In the paddling pool on my outside chairs and patio on the trampoline – GRRRR!

But lets put it on the scales; happy, sleepy children vs sandy floors? Gotta say the sand wins hands-down! So out with the hoover to clean it all up only to do it all again tomorrow! Yippee (said with just the tiniest bit of sarcasm)!


What do you think?

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