One happy husband

So the nursing bra’s are out and the underwires are back in or on as the case may be!!

Wahoo finally for the first time in almost 2 years my boobies are my own! For those of you who have not been pregnant or breastfed unfortunately (or fortunately) you will never understand the sense of freedom this brings! And the sense of happiness in my husband as he no longer has shared ownership of the afore-mentioned numbies!

Milky bubbles

It is with a twinge of sadness that I pack this phase away as at the moment there it is the last time it will be used again! It is an incredible thing to be able to nourish your baby this way and does bring the endorphins on (God has made us so incredibly!).

Full, fat and content

However it never seems to go to plan for me! My hungry babies always need more so then follows hours of expressing and sterilising and supplement taking… Argh seriously on number 1 this wasn’t a problem on number 3 it’s a little more difficult! Especially as Carter has an absolute fascination and love affair with my breast pump (that and the hoover, broom, mop and toilet brush!!).

So here’s to a happy husband and lifted, supported and empty once again boobies! And Lord if it’s in your will; a boob job would be nice!!!


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