Don’t worry about anything… seriously?

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Phil 4:6

Shucks man, this is one of those that I really struggle with.  There are so many things as a mom that you worry about; behaviour, health, food, education, finances… And the list continues.  It almost seems unnatural to sit back and let God take care of it. To allow Him to provide our all.  I don’t believe we need to be lazy about life but believe we need to grab the opportunities He provides.

At the moment we’re in a decision-making process about when I return to work or how long I stay at home full-time with the children for. Finances mean that I need to return to work (and I do enjoy my work) however I would love to stay at home whilst the children are so small but child care is so expensive! But every day I count my blessings that the government in the UK values parents spending time with their children and have a pretty generous maternity leave compared to South Africa where it is 3 months.

I keep having to remind myself that God knows the desires of my heart and trust that the way forward will be made clear and we’ll make the right decisions for our family.  So for now we’ll keep seeking and praying and pushing at doors until one opens! Watch this space for developments!


What do you think?

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