Chore chart update

So the chore charts have been made and have now been in use for about 2 weeks and so far so good! Fingers crossed!

Jenna loves seeing her “stickers” (aka blue tack sun’s) going onto the chart – using the blue tack (or prestik as it’s known in SA) is great as it makes them reusable.  Carter is not so interested in the chart; as I knew he wouldn’t be. However I thought it unfair that Jenna had a chart with chores and he didn’t.  He does however love pitching in when Jenna is tidying up and will pack away books etc when asked. There are kept on the kitchen door to remind me daily to keep updated with them… although this doesn’t always help to remind the husband!

Most days we manage 4/5 suns which I think is pretty good going – even though they are daily tasks that I expect to be done! Hopefully soon we can extend this to include more chores like helping unpack the dishwasher and vacuuming their own rooms!

One day I’ll have the children so well-trained I’ll be able to sit back and supervise! IN MY DREAMS!!!


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