Why can’t I always be like this!

So unusually for me today I seem to be very organised! Normally I just fly by the seat of my pants and somehow manage to get everything done.

But today all before 10am I have managed to do and dry a load of washing (set the machine last night to wash very early this morning – what a fab feature!), unpack the dish washer – and repack it, premake all the baby’s bottles and put them in the fridge, dress all children as they got up this morning and cook dinner (lasagna) for this evening.

Maybe I should organise friends to come over every afternoon and evening just to get myself organised! That being said what am I going to do during nap time now… plump the couch cushions???

My new aim – to set the washing every night, make all the bottles every morning and make sure children are dressed before leaving their rooms in the morning! All in preparation for going back to work… sometime…. soon??? who knows!

Any other time-saving, life easing ideas out there….? Comments please!


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