There’s nothing like old friends

I woke up this morning with the bright idea to make a group on a chat program on my mobile phone. I only knew it was possible after Martin and his sisters formed one and now have daily chats about what up in their lives.

Now I am seriously NOT the best long distance communicator in the world (ask my friends) so any help I can get is hugely appreciated!


So after a little fiddling andwe were all go!  So group set up – message sent asking people to join… that was it so simple why on earth hadn’t I thought of it ages ago!



So we’ve spent most of the morning chatting and joking back and forth which has just been great.  I mean I really don’t have much time to sit chatting for ages so being able to send one message out to chat to 4 special friends at a time is just perfect!!


Is there anything better than spending time (albeit from afar) with old friends! Friends who understand you and know where you come from, what makes you tick and what tick’s you off!

Ok yes I know it’s day one and it’s still a novelty but anything that helps me to keep chatting to these friends is all right by me!

I love you guys! And you better reply to my messages or I’ll kick you butt’s – Whatsapp style!




One thought on “There’s nothing like old friends

  1. So wonderful to “meet” you in blog land and know that we come from the same “friendly city”. Thank you for your lovely comment and for your prayers for our family. It means so much to us!
    I loved your post today. It is so awesome to have friends that know and love us for who we are! Clever lady working out the whole group chat. I haven’t even tried that one yet – hee hee! Many blessing to you and your family. Janine

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