The simplest toys

Why is it that with all the toys lying all over the house my children still choose to play with anything and everything that is not a toy!

Today the wash basket was used as a boat, a bath, a car and a prison (not sure where that one came from!!). The coffee table gets a towel thrown over it and becomes a house. It also becomes a diving board! I caught them jumping off the coffee table onto our big bean bag the other day! Jenna was lying on the bag saying “jump boy I’ll catch you!” he then proceeded to pancake her which resulted in loads of gorgeous little giggles and Jenna’s encouraging him to “go again!”. Seriously my children.

The blankets on the beds become a picnic and then a game of “put to bed”, my Tupperware gets used to make imaginary food and coffee (no tea whilst I’m on duty!).

Boxes are coloured in and climbed in and torn up and jumped on… I mean come on to all those people who don’t have money for fancy toys! YOU DON’T NEED ANY!

I love that my children’s imagination can take ordinary everyday things and turn them into something special and magical.

I’m thinking here how much more I would be able to accomplish if I thought like that!


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