On the floor…

So Jenna has decided that afternoon naps are out!  I still insist that she stays in her room for an hour and a half and plays quietly on her own though.

Well that is until she discovered that she can pull her duvet off the bed and make herself a little bed on the floor. And now… well naps are back on for the last 5 days in a row! umm…. not really sure of he logic of it but hey if it works then I’m rolling with it!

I have since started making the blanket on the floor thinner and thinner, and result when I went to get her up she had hopped back into her bed!! Gotta be cruel to be kind!

I can’t tell you how much I love my nearly 2 hours every afternoon when all the kids are in bed for their nap and I can have my lunch in peace and generally catch up on either the house work or more often than not my TV and Facebook! Ah bliss! Long may it continue!

People ask how I cope – this is how I cope! Time off every afternoon!! Well 90% of the time anyway!


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