Posh playdates

Having 3 children means mess! it means toys all over the floor, wiping bums, hoovering, cleaning and ensuring that there are enough child friendly snacks around to prevent a tantrum! But every now and again we all need a little bit of posh in our lives!

We had such a lovely play date this week with good friends who love a bit of posh! So instead of just throwing a lunch together for the kids we had a party!  The kids made and decorated some crowns (Carter just tore his and made a mess eating strawberries instead), made some fruit hedgehogs and decorated some cupcakes for the party!  They then put on their party clothes (one cinderella and one spanish dancer) with their crowns whilst the mommies sorted out the prawn and smoked salmon with cream cheese crackers – perfectly presented on a stand with little segments of lemon! Crisps, olives and crisps completed the buffet!

I wish I had taken some photies! I will have to request the ones taken by our friend!

All in all a lovely morning and Jenna can’t stop telling people about her special party lunch with her friends! What a lovely way to take an ordinary event and turn it into a special occasion!

And I’m pleased to say my children enjoyed their first taste of prawns and salmon! They obviously take after their mom’s taste buds!


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