Weaning day 1

So after some prep work of pureeing up some apples, pears and carrots the big day arrived.  Oh and scrubbing down the high chair that has been stored in the shed. Obviously I hadn’t cleaned it too well after Carter as it was disgusting and covered in mould. A lot of bleach, anti bacterial spray and scrubbing later it looked better than new!

I had decided to wait until Martin was on leave for 2 weeks to make life a little easier even though Tamsin has been champing at the bit; literally, to get going!

So breakfast consisted of baby rice cereal which involved a lot of mess and pushing out of the mouth. Supper time arrived and with the addition of some apple and pear puree seemed to slip down a lot easier.

It’s amazing how quickly they seem to get the hang of eating and moving stuff to the back of their mouth – well maybe we’re lucky.
T ate a little earlier than us and then joined us for our pizza supper in her high chair.  Much moaning and staring later she was handed a crush to chew on… man oh man was she excited!! Yeah I know it all seemed to be moving a little fast! But I believe you have to follow their lead in these things and she did so well with it, even managing the few little crumbs she gummed off!

So tomorrows a new day …  Day 2… updates to follow!!


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