Day on the farm!

Today with a decent weather report we decided to check out a local Pick Your Own Farm.  They have over 30 types of fruit and veg and you just wander around with your wheel barrow and help yourself!

Jenna loved looking for ripe fruit and veg whilst Carter just enjoyed sitting in the mud and running around! He did help with the collection of onions and potatoes! And the eating of strawberries and raspberries off the plants!

Due to some poor timing on our side and forgetting our wallets at home we managed to arrive at bottle time for Tamsin! Poor little girl just had a bottle propped in her mouth whilst we ran off enjoying ourselves!

Lunch time happened right in the middle of picking so sandwiches were handed out for eating on the move and in the wheelbarrow.  TJ loved her butternut, apple and potatoe lunch on the run too!

Time to head home for naps via the till! Our nearly full wheelbarrow full of courgettes (5), potatoes (2kg ish), onions (2.5kg – Carter couldn’t stop collecting them), raspberries, strawberries, 2 garlics, 2 cauliflowers and a huge cabbage all came to a grand total of £8!! A deal I think so!

Such a super idea for a healthy educational and fun day out for the kids – and you walk away having filled up the fridge! Next time we’ll pack a picnic and make use of the tables and play area too!


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