I love my JM …

Everything to her is magical!

I love that she believes she is a princess! And that being a princess means only wearing a dress/skirt and having her hair down. That she needs to dance with her prince (preferable William if you ask her!).

The her imagination can create food, houses and people out of ordinary things!

That she adores her little brother and sister even though she occasionally gets a little over enthusiastic about it! And they occasionally annoy her!

I love that she is such a strong-willed little madam who knows exactly what she wants – and always has! Ever since she was born!

I love her energy and that given a chance she will keep going like the energiser bunny until way after I need to go to bed!

I love her honesty! “mommy you’re breath smells”, me “thanks Jenna, I’ll brush them when I get out of bed!”, Jenna “gross”!!

I love they way she say she loves me back! The whispered “i love you’s” at night, the sincere thanks I get for doing something mundane for her like filling up her water bottle.

Most of all I love the fact that the reasons why I love her far outweight the reasons why she annoys me
and even that the things that annoy me are in fact some of the reasons exactly why I love!


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