Now to live a simple life of praise
In every way
Letting go of treasures on the earth
Holding on to You

I love these words of Beth Croft’s song “Found in you”. It once again reminds me of what is and isn’t important in my life! Everyday is another day to give it all back and refocus, and man I feel like I’m no good at it!

I know life’s not about things and yet I can’t stop looking at and wanting lovely things (even though I know I don’t really need them) – what’s wrong with dreaming right? But is it just dreaming is what I’m starting to ask myself; or is it coveting? I’m not a big fan of being overly “religious” about life, I just want to live my life in a way that glorifies God. Sometimes though we need to stop and examine our motives. I don’t think it’s wrong to want nice things or live in a nice house but it’s about knowing where to draw the line and how to stop from crossing it.

I’ve searched this world for something that endures, Only you, whose days will never cease can satisfy.

I think that’s the key, if we get what we are dreaming of and are never satisfied is that not crossing the line? Permanently wanting more and more of things in this world (the newest gadget/iPhone/kindle/furniture/kitchen/clothes…) is that not crossing the line?!

I keep trying to find the time and energy to “examine” myself to find those things I can improve on. I’m a work in progress… one day I’ll get there!

Have a listen to her song it’s awesome!


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