On safari

Good old Tesco vouchers managed to get us 2 adult tickets for Woburn Safari Park for £13 (normally £19,50 each). We managed to get ourselves organised and get there before 10am for the Lions breakfast!

After getting some good tips about putting the kids in the boot (aka back seats all flat – which is possible in our Zafira!) we stripped the car of all seats and buggy and into the back I hopped with the kids. It was brilliant for them to be able to move around for a 360 degree view and also for Tamsin to be able to get out her chair a bit.

Man what a great day! There are so many different things to do from the drive safari, on foot animals, indoor play area, train ride, outdoor play area, Australian walkabout and monkey enclosure! The kids had an absolute ball! And besides a bit of attitude from Madam Jenna at about the half way point; they were so well-behaved! It always make me feel better as a parent to see how badly behaved (I know it’s awful!!!! but it does!!!) other kids are!

We eventually dragged ourselves out of there at about 5:30 after feeding the kids the last of the packed food for dinner. We arrived home, unpacked and managed to wrangle 3 very tired babies into bed by 6:15! All in all a great day and a big thumbs up from us! The whole trip in total only cost us less than £20 for the 5 of us – excluding petrol but including a much-needed cuppa coffee at half time!!


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