Ready for a sleep over!

Once again Pinterest inspired me! And lucky for me a week later my MIL(mom in law) dropped off a load of old bedding and fabric for me put in my scraps bin!

For those of you who remember Jenna-May is enjoying sleeping on the floor – which made this a perfect project for her!

The ol’ sewing machine was once again unpacked (thanks again to the MIL for the loan)! Such a simple little project and Jenna absolutely loves it! Now choosing to sleep on it during “nap time”. She has also had it on top of her bed!! Seriously that little girl is a funny one!

One tip I would give though is make sure the pillowcases are all the same size!!! a little tweaking needed to be done to ensure it was more aesthetically pleasing!

Rolled up, ready to store

The full affect

And already it’s a favorite TV watching spot!

Once again though a little something that the kids love that cost me NOTHING! and those to me are the best things!!!

Robbing God?

I read this verse today and it really made me think…

{and the Lord said} “Will a man rob God? yet you rob me”. “But you ask ‘how do we rob you’ “In tithes and offerings…”      Malachi 3:8

What??? Rob God… is that even possible? I mean I know I occasionally disappoint him, don’t listen to him, take advantage of His grace; but rob him???

The old testament was all about the law, relationship through law. The tithe was about returning a tenth of all they owned to God. Now living in the new testament, in a personal relationship with Christ sometimes I feel the numbers aren’t important. And they’re not, however  this love relationship gives us a new, different  standard of giving. I think this standard is all measured by sacrifice.  By love we voluntarily give – our time, our gifts, assets, money. And it’s not about how much but all about how much it cost us!

I mean if God created us and we and all we have technically belongs to Him anyway how do we justify not giving. And I mean not just a tenth but EVERYTHING! And it’s not ALL about money but that is part of it as is every single blessing I have been given. Am I giving enough?  Yes I give time but in my time am I giving my all (in energy and talents) or am I giving a half-hearted effort – I may as well not be doing it then. So maybe the motivation is part of it too?

So here I sit examining myself.  Again! It’s a constant process! Maybe there are more things in my life I need to give… maybe it’s just giving God more space in my life, maybe it’s giving him more in my speech. Maybe it’s this blog.

So I’ll sit here a while longer… trying to hear God (Lord you may need to shout it’s rather loud and busy in my house at the moment).

Does any of this resonate with you??

Paper mobile

So poor little baby angel doesn’t have a mobile (I stood on it when putting it in storage after number 2 was done with it!!), nor does her little corner of the room have much decoration.

Something needed to be done!

And I didn’t know what to do! That was until I stumbled upon this little site called Pinterest. Man oh man does that site have some beautiful stuff!!

Which is where I found my inspiration!

And here it is…

After killing my fingers cutting circles I was told you get a machine that does it (I need one).   Apparently there will be a next time too as Jenna-May has placed an order!  But I may try this light decor one though!

OK so I know it’s hung skew I will fix it – My husband the DIY expert – tsk tsk!

The bowl drinking debate!!

2 parents = 2 points of view! So I’m taking it over to you guys to help us decide.

Should children be allowed to drink the milk out of their cereal bowl once all the cereal bowl is empty….

I’m obviously on the NO side whilst daddy who is “the boss at breakfast time ” according to Jenna is on the YES side.

I’m intested to know which side you’d be on and why – let’s take this difference of opinion global!! Click on the link below and VOTE! Leave a comment too!

Winter warmers…. well an attempt!

With the air getting a little chillier and the leaves turning brown, red and yellow Autumn is definitely on its way! That being said I have started sorting out the kids wardrobes to make sure everything they need is at hand when it’s needed! Organised I know! Also I’m sick of fighting with Jenna (3) who only wants to wear her summer dresses or shorts – so temptation has been removed and packed away until the next warm spell!

So I realised that there were plenty things needed for Carter as he hits that next age of clothing (18-24 months) and a new season. Which is why I decided to try to copy a cute little hat that Tamsin had as a new-born.

Now as I mentioned before I am a VERY amateur seamstress but after digging through my scrap box found a couple of tops I thought I could rip apart and use.

Here is the result!

One day my son will be still long enough to take a good photo!

Captain Carter carnage!!

Well today has just been one of those days! Tamsin has been teething so has been a bit of a miserable sod – man who swapped my little angel for this little monster drama queen! So whilst trying to sort out Tamsin who was having a little screaming fit, Carter was playing unsupervised in the lounge.

The saying “when it goes quiet they are doing something they shouldn’t” generally applies in my house so off I went to see what he was up to. In I walked to see this…

And yes the red spots are blood, he cut himself whilst causing destruction but obviously decided the pleasure was worth the pain.

Obviously this all happened as I needed to run out the door to fetch Jenna from school.

Nap time done, snacks handed out and children herded into the garden for some fresh air. Once again Carter goes quiet so out I go and this is what I see…

And what you probably couldn’t see in that photo is this…

He broke apart loads of the pegs… which I then needed to fix! And how on earth did he get them when they were on top of the water-butt!

Yes I know it’s falling apart; no one told the South Africans to empty it before it freezes over in winter!!!

And one last thing… the little monkey managed to find my food colouring, which was in a tin in the cupboard and somehow get it ALL over his hands and in and around his mouth!

Think this puppy needs a leash!!