I love my CG…

I love my little boy because he is precisely that a little BOY!

People always said boys were different and I didn’t ever believe them… Jenna always seems to keep up with and exceed all the boys around! However that said I have now realised the error of my ways!

I love him because he so loves his cuddles! I love that he loves giving me kisses – big, sloppy, open mouth kisses!

I love that he crawled before he sat and hasn’t stopped moving ever since!

That even though he can’t talk yet (I think he actually can and doesn’t want to cooperate!) he still lets us know exactly what he wants!

I love that his little sister always has a head covered in drool from his kisses.

That he saves his smiles for his special people.

I love the fine ginger and blonde hair he inherited from his Dodo and his great big blue eyes and long lashes!

I love that any obstacle is a challenge and every challenge means an opportunity to climb! And his perseverance that he will get to what he wants – no matter how long it takes or how many times he sits on the naughty step!

I love his strange little obsessions – the vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, toilet brush… strange I know…  but that’s what makes him special.

I love that when his daddy gets home from work CG runs full tilt to the door yelling Dada Dada!

I love that he can go from wide awake to fast asleep in o.2 seconds!

Mostly I just love that he is MY little boy, my ONLY little boy which will always keep him a special little spot in my heart. And I think he knows that and just loves to give his mommy great big cuddles!


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