Give up to get given…

I love the way life works some times. It has to make you have a giggle at yourself.

Since we moved into our house almost 3 and a half years ago I have wanted a specific bookcase from Ikea, however just before moving in they discontinued making it. Much searching on ebay and gumtree have not turned up anything which I would consider in my price range for a second hand item.

So after 3 and a half years of waiting I finally decided to sort out the under stairs are about 2 weeks ago.  So a new shelf was put up and place set up for the kids drawings to hang up.  And I was pretty happy, it was such an improvement.

The week after this I got a call from my sister telling me her old landlord was getting rid of ALL his furniture – including the exact bookcase I wanted!! FOR FREE!!! All I had to do was collect it; stopping by for a dinner with my sister (who now lives in the downstairs flat!!) and transport it home!

Needless to say that after arriving home after 8pm after fetching it by 10:30pm it was build, toys were sorted (hello bin!!) and all repacked onto the shelves!

It just goes to show that sometime you need “give something up” in order for it to be given to you!  I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere! Right now however I’m too tired… it’s been a long and very busy week!

Oh yeah and needless to say the bookcase fitted in perfectly with the shelf that only needed the top pushed about 1cm along! Couldn’t have planned it better myself!

I do however need to make an Ikea visit to purchase some of their boxes and doors! Maybe next month’s budget will allow it!


2 thoughts on “Give up to get given…

  1. Similar things happen to Duncan and i all the time! xxx thinking of you all….shelves look fab! love a kids zone that can be packed away at night…favorite time of the day!!

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