blessed to blessings

Being rudely awoken at about 4:30am this morning by a silly little girl falling out of her bed. On getting back into bed I took a while to fall back to sleep.

Lying there I getting a bit annoyed at having been up for the second time that night and I was once again struck by how lucky I am to be woken up at night.  How blessed am I to have children to be woken up by – as unhappy about it as I may be!

We are so hugely blessed in SOOOO many ways! So many of us are when we really think about it.

Later that afternoon when browsing through Facebook someones status was “To be a blessing we need to know that we’re blessed ourselves”. It’s so true it’s when we contemplate the many gifts that God has given us we feel compelled to pass them on.  It may be money, a beautiful big house, a talent, car, business etc.

So often I find myself focusing on what I want to be blessed with and not what has already been given to me.

As the saying goes lets “count our blessings”!! And then lets multiply those blessings by using them to bless others. It’s kinda like the moving ‘Pass it forward’.  Lets start a revolution of blessings, a culture of blessing.  Lets teach our children the way to bless others.

Who has any clever ideas of ways to bless others.


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