Poor neglected Pet!!!!!

So we finally have our first pet!! We were generously given an old tank plus one angry little fish from our neighbours who were moving onward and upward in the tank world! I think a fish is about all I can handle at the moment… maybe in the future we’ll upgrade to a furry creature!

Poor little Lemo (named after Nemo; obviously need to watch that movie a few more times!) has been wallowing in an empty (excluding filter) tank for the last 2 days. Jenna very generously donated a toy – her Little mermaid sea shell that opens – to his cause; after making sure mommy washed it properly to ensure Lemo didn’t get any bugs!

Here’s little Lemo today…

Hopefully on Saturday he will acquire a new friend and a little more home decor and no longer be our neglected pet. Oh and some food! He is living on breadcrumbs at the moment – not sure if it’s the healthiest fish diet!!


2 thoughts on “Poor neglected Pet!!!!!

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