Baby moves out

Waaa… my baby is getting too big!  Tamsin was 5 months last week, CANNOT BELIEVE IT!

She has always been such a good sleeper – sleeping through from 4 weeks with NO dream feed, but we were starting to disturb her when we went to bed. So it was decided! Time for the move!

Her cot was moved down from our room into Carter’s room (crazy to see 2 cots in the 1 room) and last night was our first all alone for the last 5 months! Sob!!

Needless to say she was pretty good – as usual, and stirred only at 4am after a moan from Master Carter! That she managed to fall asleep through his playing and shouting in his bed which went on for about an hour last night (for some strange reason – maybe the more than 2 hour nap!?) was a mini miracle and hopefully a good sign for the future!

I’m looking forward to being able to watch TV from my bed, read for as lo
ng as I want at night again and talk as loudly as I want to too! I am however very sad that my littlest baby has now moved out. I did love hearing her little noises and chatting at night and in the morning.  And I’m NOT looking forward to the long walk down the stairs in the middle of the night!

So now the plans start in my mind to redesign my bedroom – a now baby free zone as baby moves out!


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