Disapproving looks

OK, so when fetching Jenna from playgroup I park right near the entrance (where we are not supposed to park as it’s part of a shop delivery area parking lot). I generally leave the babies in the car as they are asleep and wait for Jenna at the door about 10 metres away. In sight of the car. No problem.

Today, one of the mom’s asked where my other 2 were and just looked at me in incredulous disgust when I said they were in the car sleeping. “I would NEVER do that” she felt the need to tell me! Seriously… thanks for that! Oh course in conversation it turns out she only has 1 child and thinks that one is enough as they “deserve all her attention”. Wow was I biting back some comments!  It is only the start of the school year!

I really don’t know why some mom’s/parents need to try make you feel worse about yourself as parent! I mean every mom I know already feels inadequate in some way; we don’t need others to point it out to us!

Seriously take a walk in my/someone elses shoes before you feel the need to pass judgement on their parenting ability. And by the way who do you think you are to have the right to judge anyway! So my children aren’t perfect but they are generally lovely, outgoing, friendly and funny; they do have their moments though; but don’t all children?

OK, I know enough ranting! Just really annoys me!! Oh but there’s more…

Also why did 2 separate people in the last week need to comment on my children and their ages; “wow, you must be busy and have your hands full” – no crap!! and “they’re really close together in age, did you plan it that way, it seems a bit mad to have” OK granny keep your opinions to yourself or you might get a slap (in my mind anyway)! And NO we didn’t plan it but we wouldn’t change it! I love my little “surprise” to bits, and yes it’s hard but do you really have to keep reminding me of it – I obviously must look really haggard!

To those parents of perfect children who are never moany, tantrumy or just plain horrible and irritating; I salute you… please share your secrets! Or tell the truth! Or just keep your mouth shut please!!

OK rant done!!! for now… until the next time!! maybe next time I’ll have the balls to rant to the mom and not just my cyber friends!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….


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