Fishy friends

Our poor neglected pet is neglected no more! He now has 6 little fishy friends! Needless to say Lemo is very happy.

Or so you would have thought… he seems to like chasing his “friends” tails with what looks like intent to bite! mmm… maybe he was a loner!

Anyway on Saturday we set out with our set budget (which didn’t stay set for very long) for beautification of the tank and acquisition of additional fish. Needless to say the first place refused to sell us fish as the water hadn’t been in the tank for 2 weeks and we hadn’t brought a sample in for testing! I mean come on – they’re fish, little, cheap, cold-blooded fish.

Oh well off to the next store with a lesson learnt – LIE!!! Well we came away with fish with not too much stretching of the truth. And with Norman the Red Apple Snail and a plant.  And now off to the next shop, good old Wilkinson Plus for cheap stones and food.  AND a mermaid for Jenna!

Well her £10 of birthday money grew a bit but she was very excited! Possibly not as excited as mommy who couldn’t wait to help little Lemo settle into his new little beautified home!

Here’s to happy fish that haven’t died… yet… due to our only 4 day old water that hadn’t been tested!

Ok, the waters still a little murky as the stones had just been thrown in, lets hope it clears up!


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