Winter warmers…. well an attempt!

With the air getting a little chillier and the leaves turning brown, red and yellow Autumn is definitely on its way! That being said I have started sorting out the kids wardrobes to make sure everything they need is at hand when it’s needed! Organised I know! Also I’m sick of fighting with Jenna (3) who only wants to wear her summer dresses or shorts – so temptation has been removed and packed away until the next warm spell!

So I realised that there were plenty things needed for Carter as he hits that next age of clothing (18-24 months) and a new season. Which is why I decided to try to copy a cute little hat that Tamsin had as a new-born.

Now as I mentioned before I am a VERY amateur seamstress but after digging through my scrap box found a couple of tops I thought I could rip apart and use.

Here is the result!

One day my son will be still long enough to take a good photo!


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