A Wander in the Woods!

There is nothing better than a leisurely wander through the woods.

The kids really love it but it’s something we really don’t do often enough! Even though they are directly behind our house! The problem is on the other side there is a park at the other side which always seem to land up the desired destination… which kind of defeats the object of a meander through the woods… when you’re running to keep up with a 3-year-old who is gung ho on getting on those swings!

OK so we’re strolling through the woods enjoying the quiet (relative) and fresh air until… Oh crap… excuse the pun… Carter and I BOTH tread in doggie doo doo! Miff! Oh well, a couple of shoe wipes later and we’re off… until someone spots the last of the blackberries… which kicks off a “me first” and “me next” argument between the kids!

Oh well… we tried… off to the park!

With a pit stop on the way to blow some “fairies”…

And run around and around some goal posts…

All done, time for dinner, and I’m not cooking for a change!!! So back through the woods, with some tree climbing…

And some acorn collecting…





and some mushroom studying and attempting to eat… NO NO NO!!!!!!

Kicking some leaves…

Sliding up/down some sandy hills…

Finally made it home!!!

Kids knackered, mom and dad even more… sleep! well dinner, bath, teeth and then bed!! And all that in less than 2 hours!

What do you think?

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