Sometimes I watch you sleep…

Sometimes I watch you sleep… No I’m not a stalker… I’m your mom!!

Last night you had a bad dream and woke up screaming. A cuddle was all it took to calm you down. A little prayer sent up for Jesus to protect your dreams and back off to sleep you drifted.

But I stayed. I stayed sitting on the edge of your bed stroking your hair and just watching. Just watching you breath, curled up on your side, thumb in your mouth and grampa teddy tucked firmly under your arm.

Watching my beautiful little girl sleep.  But you’re not my little girl anymore, you are 3, my eldest, my big girl or big girl baby as you like to call yourself!

But no matter how old you get I think I’m still always going to love watching sleep.

So when you wake up and there’s someone sitting on your bed, don’t worry it’s not a stalker it’s just me, your mom


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