The bowl drinking debate!!

2 parents = 2 points of view! So I’m taking it over to you guys to help us decide.

Should children be allowed to drink the milk out of their cereal bowl once all the cereal bowl is empty….

I’m obviously on the NO side whilst daddy who is “the boss at breakfast time ” according to Jenna is on the YES side.

I’m intested to know which side you’d be on and why – let’s take this difference of opinion global!! Click on the link below and VOTE! Leave a comment too!


3 thoughts on “The bowl drinking debate!!

    • Oh yeah my kids will get that! NOT! Think what you do at home always translates to what you do in public – espcially is you are 3 and 1 years old!
      It’s one of those, do what I say not what I do moments!

  1. When we were little, the rule was we were not allowed to drink out of a bowl or lick it clean until Dad did. So if we had ice cream, he would normally pick his bowl up and lick it clean, which allowed us to get those last little drops. However, he knew when it was appropriate and would never do it in front of certain guests or when we were out, so we just followed his lead and never embarrassed our parents! I’m pretty sure Martin would be happy to take the lead…

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