Monday munchies…Tuna souffle

Now here is another life saver when the fridge is empty and some store cupboard scavenging needs to be done!

Don’t let the souffle put you off it’s really simple and my kids love it! The grown ups do too!

Crust: 100g grated cheddar cheese

100g soft marg or butter

200g flour

pinch of salt.

Filling: 1 cup tuna

4 separated eggs

1 cup white sauce

Rub butter into seasoned flour until crumbly. Toss in cheese and mix well. Press into dish.

Beat egg yolks into white sauce. Add flaked fish and season well.

Beat egg whites to form peaks and fold into yolk mix.

Pour into cheese crust and bake on bottom shelf at 200 degrees for 25 minutes until middle sets!


I’ll a photo when I make it next after my fridge empties out!

Our first Half term day out!

It’s been our first proper half term with Jenna at school… so thank you to Tesco’s once again for vouchers enabling us to have another fab day out! Gotta love getting something back for something you normally spend anyway!

Picnic packed, bag packed and an extra pair of hands roped in (thanks Aunty Lee Lee) to help we ventured out to Willow’s Farm in London Colney.

We got there pretty early, obviously not early enough though as it was PACKED! At 10am we were ushered into car park 4! seriously, I almost considered turning around then. And then double buggy full of kids and bags we rounded the corner and saw the queue (hate spelling that word!!)… oh my… welcome to half term week days out!

Despite the hoards it actually didn’t feel that busy outside as it’s just so huge!

There is sooo much to do… from farm animals, to a disco, to little ride on cars, sand pits, diggers, carousels, trampolines, play areas, jumping castles, mazes, indoor play area… and the list goes on!

And best of all there is definitely something for ALL the kids! And all ages!

It was such a lovely warm day we spent almost all of it outside in the play areas and feeding the animals.

Carter as usual loved the sand pits and trampolines, Jenna on the other hand loved feeding the animals, the carousel and swings. Tamsin, well, she just enjoyed feeding her face at every chance and watching the world!

Llama fed, children filthy, picnic eaten, carousel ridden, play area escaped without losing a child it was time to make a hasty retreat as over tired children started to melt down after a full 5-6 hours of fun!

It’s a brilliant day out, pricey but brilliant! Good on ya Tesco’s!

Oi you pumpkin face!

Ok so we don’t really do Halloween. In part it’s because it was never something we celebrated in South Africa and secondly and maybe because of that I dont’ really get the whole dressing up as something scary thing. There is a 3rd thing there too – we teach our kids not to accept sweets from strangers or talk to strangers and we would never normally encourage them to randomly knock on someones door asking for something and yet it’s Ok this one day of the year?? really??? And 4thly, it’s scary how many nightmare would I then have to deal with after that! it’s bad enough on a normal night after kids TV!

But after a lovely day spent at Willows Farm we were given 2 free pumpkins! And so I decided to try something I had always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do! Carved a face! Well my 3-year-old did the carving and I just assisted with the clearing out of the seeds etc.

A bit of explanation later about what Halloween actually is and that it’s not something we really do she decided she wanted to make it a Jesus pumpkin so hence the cross (some family *cough* *Dave* *cough* might say indoctrination – I say deal with it! It was cute!).

She had such great fun with her Pampered Chef kids knife!

So here sits the happy pumpkin on our kitchen table, she is so looking forward to putting a candle in it and eating supper with her happy lantern this evening!

So no I don’t really do Halloween but this fun aspect of crafting I am not against. After all what else do you do with the skins after you have made pumpkin soup anyway?

I know it may be controversial to some so I’d like to hear your views? Don’t be too mean though! Please!


Just 1 day of life…

It’s crazy how many different people I have “met” on this blogging adventure, how many different types of people, blogs, opinions and stories there are out there!

I recently read a post by someone I indirectly know from my hometown in South Africa, she has recently been through such a tough time of love and loss and yet her attitude, love and faith are such an example.

“be thankful for the gifts that Jesus gives us. It’s not always about the time frames that we are given with each other that will touch and change our hearts forever”¬† Love in Action Blog

Those words so strike a chord, I think every mom wants to have forever with their children and see them grow up and live their lives to the full. I tend to focus on the next phase “I can’t wait until Carter can talk” and “I can’t wait until we’re out of nappies” and “one day they’ll be able to get their own breakfast and we’ll get to sleep in!”.

But it is the little moments that touch our hearts, sometimes it the words of a stranger you only get to meet for a few minutes that can have a big impact on your life.

So lets celebrate life, every year, day and hour of it. Lets use every minute of it to LIVE!

This blog is dedicated to Zac who in his 1 day of life touched the lives of hundreds across the world… May my life be as much of a testimony to Christ as yours was and your mommy’s is!