It’s all about the boobies!!

So October is breast cancer awareness month… time to celebrate the boobies! AND to start taking care of them!

In support of this I’m going pink… just my blog … not my wardrobe!!!

Ladies it’s time to learn how to check ourselves, every month, just not at that time of the month! Not matter how old you are it needs to be done! Mom’s you need to teach your girls, girls you need to teach your friends – or send them online so they can teach themselves.

As a nurse this is something close to my heart (excuse the pun) and it’s something I have seen the implications of first hand! Which is why I’ve decided to tag a few people to encourage them to “Wear it pink” blog style! Start an event, raise some money or just get the word out!

Tag you’re it

Mayfair mum

Slugs on the refrigerator

Kate on thin ice

Please let makingitasmum know when you go pink so she can use it to raise more money for this good cause!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s all about the boobies!!

  1. Thanks for taking up h challenge for such a good cause and adding a great post.
    I have added your link on my original blog post where im tracking the pink progress. If possible could you add my link on your post so friends can let me know they have gone pink. Im hoping to get sponsorship for the number of pink blogs to raise funds for the charity. So it would be great if everyone can link back to me when they have completed the challenge.
    thanks so much

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