Imperfect heart in my perfect baby

Sometimes when it comes to your children your heart seems to over ride your head. And in this case it totally does.  Now I’m NOT a paranoid mom, I think I’m pretty relaxed about most things. And generally as a nurse I tend to not be very sympathetic of the “small things”.

However when it comes to my littlest baby’s heart my head knowledge seems to get over ridden by my mommy heart.  At her 6 week check the GP noticed that Tamsin had a heart murmur. Not great news, but not that uncommon. She had an echocardiogram at 3 months old and it was found that she had a fenestrated septum (lots of tiny holes in her heart wall).  Now this shouldn’t cause her any problems but… there is always that tiny little part of me that will be a little more protective, after all she’s got a “broken heart”! Occasionally when she is having on of her full on screaming matches I’m tempted to give extra cuddles… after all I don’t want to put strain on that little heart.

This week was her 6 month check up… man those consultants have NO bedside manner – all 3 of them as the specialists from some fancy hospital was there too! Seriously, does really have to take telling them I’m a nurse before they give me the light of day or any information.  Suffice to say all they could tell me was “yes she does have multiple little holes”. “no, it shouldn’t cause a problem” and “yes, i suppose i should see her again… um how about in 6 months?” – seriously an hour of waiting for that! I suppose I should just be happy at the second comment.

So my perfect baby has an imperfect heart, I put my faith in the Perfect Maker that he will repair it and then my perfect little gift will have a perfect little heart!

And you know what sometimes I think it’s OK for  a mommy’s heart to win over her head!


One thought on “Imperfect heart in my perfect baby

  1. Hi Mavis,

    Was just catching up on your blog and read this post. I am sorry to hear the littlest has a heart murmur. But just to let you know, she is in good company. Stevie also has one. 🙂

    Lots of love,

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