oh to be young again!

Last night was spent at a good friends daughters sweet 16th party! Man that takes me back almost 15 years… feeling old and wrinkly!!

Oh the days when everything in life was a big deal, where other people’s opinions meant the world to us (mmm… maybe I still haven’t changed that much sometimes?!),  where boys and girls wanted to mix but weren’t too sure exactly how to go about it, when sneaky arms around the back of our chair mad our heart beat fast, when couples holding hands formed in dark corners, when every social event warranted a new outfit and hairdo!

It was such fun, a bit of a time warp… but good fun! Jenna (3 years) and Carter (18 months) spent all evening boogying to “move it like Jagger”, “lazy song” “baby you’re a firework” with some glow sticks and snacking on junk food – what more could a toddler want!

2 knackered babies passed out and the back of the car is silent…. and a little voice says “that was the best party, I loved ALL those songs, they were all my favorites”.

Who needs kids party games… at our next party all I’m gonna do is stick some Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars on and get the room rocking!

Can you remember your sweet 16th???



4 thoughts on “oh to be young again!

  1. Sounds like a fab party.
    I had 2 GCSEs on my birthday – French and Dance. We had cooked breakfast at our school and the time clashed with the Dance exam – so I missed the first half an hour for food!!
    There was nothing “sweet” about the evening as I drunk a litre of vodka and was VERY sick.
    God I hope my kids aren’t like that. My son is 16 next year eeek.

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