A prince, a princess and a castle

Yesterday afternoon was so lovely we decided to venture out and rather than the boring old park (for mom that is) we thought we’d try something different… hence the old castle in Berkhamsted was our venue of choice – I though it was safer than the canal walk we were initially going to do!

The kids loved it! Jenna especially is loving the magic of castles and princesses! Carter just loved the space to run and kick a ball and Tamsin well she just enjoyed bouncing around in the buggy with lots of little giggles!

We got to walk around on the hill/wall around the castle, the kids loved being up high and seeing stuffs down below. It might be a little treacherous if wet though, and I’d advise a smaller buggy for the trail or a 3 wheeler if you have one!

As usual of course we forgot the camera at home! Thank goodness for new phone technology!!

I’d love to see this place in spring when all the flowers were in bloom, especially in the “moat”.

The kids as usual loved collecting leaves, sticks and acorns!

Ok so we didn’t brave this high hill in the middle with the kids! I was convinced one would go sliding over the edge and there was NO WAY I was pushing/carrying a buggy up that!

We made it all the way round in one piece – here’s the proof!

Time for some rolling fun (attempting to)… or sliding down on our tummy backwards… as you do!

We love the stairs!

Poor Jenna kept trying to find her way into the castle… gotta admit there were a couple of tears on explanation that it was a broken down castle that we couldn’t go into! She tried sprinkling some pixie dust which disappointingly didn’t work either!

This is our bedroom in the castle mom!

Some space to run and some benches for mum’s bum!

Trying to teach the kiddo’s to roll…. mmm…. the hill was little steep…. hello grass stains on elbows, that’s the hubby not the kids!

It was a great time somewhere totally free so if you have an hour or 2 to kill and are in the area check it out (it’s right at the station). Pack a picnic, take a ball and learn to roll!


4 thoughts on “A prince, a princess and a castle

  1. This looks like SO much fun! I can’t wait until Dexter is old enough to actually ENJOY places like this. We’ve taken him all over the place (he’s been to five countries and is only 8 months old!), but as he’s just a little nipper, he’s not really been able to appreciate them!

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