Tuesday truth…. not good enough?

So this week I’ve had one of those crisis’ of confidence where I just feel like I’m never able to do enough or if I do it I’m not able to do it 100% – and that can really grate! That sometimes nothing I seem to try seems to be good enough or work!

Oh course no one has actually said that but sometimes it all just gets a bit overwhelming and a good old freak out, curl up on the bed for a cry just needs to be done! And then a new day dawns and the brats children are so much better behaved and even feel the need to say “I love you” occasionally and give some cuddles and you wonder why in the world you needed to let the ugly and nasty all hang out!

As a mum I think we all feel like that some of the time (well I hope it’s not just me), where’s the blooming manual and why can’t we get report cards to let us know how exactly we are doing (maybe I don’t actually want one – it might say fail!)! So many little issues happen where I wish there was a guide or some guru to ask if what we are doing is right!

As a Christian I know where my dependency should lie “We can gather our thoughts, but the Lord gives the right answer… Commit you work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed” Proverbs 16:1,3. But sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I forget I have good friends (actual and bloggy friends) to turn to “the heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense” Proverbs 27:9.

No matter how crappy the day or how crappy I feel as a mom, how many crappy decisions I’ve made that day, how many times I’ve lost my temper and shouted. I am still the only mom my children will have and you know what I think the good stuff outweighs the bad I things I do. They’re not hungry, they’re clean (mostly), clothed (most of the time anyway) and loved – all good things!

So today I am going to “cease striving and know that He is God” Psalm 46:10. I’m going to choose to bask in the fact that I have been so blessed to be chosen by my children to be their mom, that despite all the areas I feel inadequate in they are happy, funny, healthy and know they are loved! I may be inadequate, not good enough and imperfect but God isn’t and I can trust in Him!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday truth…. not good enough?

  1. Hey Kerry. I’m with you on this one. My usual meltdown moments consist of me saying “I just can’t do it all”. But it’s only me that puts this expectation on myself. If we could just focus on the basics we’d see that we’re doing a pretty good job. I too may not be superwoman or get it right all the time, but my kids safe doing OK, my marriage is usually doing OK and God loves me – yeah!!!! Bless you xxx

  2. Hey there girl! It’s nice to know I am not alone. I was just writing about this last week in my personal journal. I totally have moments that are one and the same. As I am encouraged by this thought I can do all things through Christ. I can’t do anything in and of myself. It reminds me that I need to give everything to him. By the end of praying I am laughing and usually say Lord please make me Super women. lol Love you girl. I know you are strong because the Lord is with you. I love you!! 🙂

  3. You’re doing great, I bet. We all have our days when we feel defeated and feel useless. I always try to take something positive from it. Such as ‘Phew, we survived that one! Tomorrow can be better.’

  4. I am with you here. I think my problem is I try to do too much for my family and it’s only when I’m physically exhausted I have a meltdown, get depressed and actually think about my needs. Hope today is a better day for you.

  5. One thing I think we all forget as parents is that we don’t need to be perfect – we just need to be good enough. Just good enough. Its one hell of a juggling act isnt it?

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