Just 1 day of life…

It’s crazy how many different people I have “met” on this blogging adventure, how many different types of people, blogs, opinions and stories there are out there!

I recently read a post by someone I indirectly know from my hometown in South Africa, she has recently been through such a tough time of love and loss and yet her attitude, love and faith are such an example.

“be thankful for the gifts that Jesus gives us. It’s not always about the time frames that we are given with each other that will touch and change our hearts forever”  Love in Action Blog

Those words so strike a chord, I think every mom wants to have forever with their children and see them grow up and live their lives to the full. I tend to focus on the next phase “I can’t wait until Carter can talk” and “I can’t wait until we’re out of nappies” and “one day they’ll be able to get their own breakfast and we’ll get to sleep in!”.

But it is the little moments that touch our hearts, sometimes it the words of a stranger you only get to meet for a few minutes that can have a big impact on your life.

So lets celebrate life, every year, day and hour of it. Lets use every minute of it to LIVE!

This blog is dedicated to Zac who in his 1 day of life touched the lives of hundreds across the world… May my life be as much of a testimony to Christ as yours was and your mommy’s is!




One thought on “Just 1 day of life…

  1. I cannot tell you how honoured we are that you would dedicate this beautiful post to our sweet Zac. As a family we are learning more than ever how precious each day with one another is because of our precious boy who changed our hearts forever in his one day in our arms. Your post, which was sent to me through Andrew, has really touched my heart on a day when this mommy would do anything to have another day with my boy in my arms. Thank you for sharing Zac’s story. Much love to you. Janine

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