Oi you pumpkin face!

Ok so we don’t really do Halloween. In part it’s because it was never something we celebrated in South Africa and secondly and maybe because of that I dont’ really get the whole dressing up as something scary thing. There is a 3rd thing there too – we teach our kids not to accept sweets from strangers or talk to strangers and we would never normally encourage them to randomly knock on someones door asking for something and yet it’s Ok this one day of the year?? really??? And 4thly, it’s scary how many nightmare would I then have to deal with after that! it’s bad enough on a normal night after kids TV!

But after a lovely day spent at Willows Farm we were given 2 free pumpkins! And so I decided to try something I had always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do! Carved a face! Well my 3-year-old did the carving and I just assisted with the clearing out of the seeds etc.

A bit of explanation later about what Halloween actually is and that it’s not something we really do she decided she wanted to make it a Jesus pumpkin so hence the cross (some family *cough* *Dave* *cough* might say indoctrination – I say deal with it! It was cute!).

She had such great fun with her Pampered Chef kids knife!

So here sits the happy pumpkin on our kitchen table, she is so looking forward to putting a candle in it and eating supper with her happy lantern this evening!

So no I don’t really do Halloween but this fun aspect of crafting I am not against. After all what else do you do with the skins after you have made pumpkin soup anyway?

I know it may be controversial to some so I’d like to hear your views? Don’t be too mean though! Please!



4 thoughts on “Oi you pumpkin face!

  1. We only go to people we know when trick or treating. Lots of people host parties too – so we do that.
    Very impressed with the pumpkin carving. When did you start allowing her to use a knife? I always chopped things up when ds3 was in a sling and thought he’d have been using one by now but not thought about it again since – he is 4.

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