Someone stole my sons ears!

I know they were there! I checked when he was born!

They used to work too! He used to wake at every little noise in the room!

But they’re GONE… I think they must have been stolen… I sure as heck didn’t sell them, or lose them (I think?).

Maybe they just got worn out. Have I been shouting that loud that he turned down the volume?

You know what I don’t actually care what the problem is …

I just want them back.

I’m willing to pay!

Or swop … I’ll swop you a mouth for an ear?!! Any takers with non stop talkers?

I’m sure that one day they’ll make their way back.

But please dear ears don’t take your time, hurry home…



4 thoughts on “Someone stole my sons ears!

  1. Ag me Angel …. don’t fear too much. They’ll come back ….. they always do …. we now got a whole fam damily with ears which we thought were lost … He’s gorgeous!

  2. Good to hear they come back eventually Penny! My Little Chap’s ears have improved recently from absent without trace – check the volume on Mayfair Mum! 😉 to just a little hard of hearing. We did a sticker chart for every time I thought he did “good listening” and it seems to have worked well so far! Good luck – I’m told it doesn’t last forever but I think boys definitely suffer this condition more than girls…?!

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