Facebook kids – a poll!!

So I was doing some online reading today and came across an article about kids as young as 7 signing up to facebook!

The mimimum age for sign up is 13, which I still think is pretty young considering some of the internet dangers out there, but with proper security, supervision and education then fine!

Me I’m not so OK with it, what is a 7 year old doing on facebook, what are they using it for… and if that’s what they’re into at 7 what are they going to be into at 17!! And do parents actually allow it or do you think they just don’t have a clue?!

So the question is would you allow your child under 10 to have a facebook/twitter page?!?!

Click to vote and leave a comment!!

5 thoughts on “Facebook kids – a poll!!

  1. Great poll idea. I’m horrified actually. Not sure we should be encouraging our children to make friends with strangers online at all. I think its a pretty dodgy practice at any age! I’ve only friended someone I don’t know online since I started blogging and there’s a limit as to how much personal information I’ll give out. At least adults are capable of understanding the risks, and teenagers too perhaps (with parental guidance and discussion). But kids? No way. They should be learning and exploring how best to make and keep their face to face friends and relationships in the playground and at home.

  2. Agree with you totally Mayfair Mum, we are encouraging our kids to grow up way to fast and not giving them the tools to deal with it, it’s no wonder society is in such a tangle!

  3. Yes my 8 year old is on facebook. NO he is not talking to strangers. The reason he had an account was because he goes to an army school and all his friends had pretty much left – and this was a way they could keep in touch. You know I’d rather he had one now and it’s super-restricted and I have the password than when he’s a teen and I have NO control really over what he does (well I will but not as easily). I’d rather teach him online safety now – whilst he will listen – viruses etc. As I say he’s not talking to strangers – and it is amazing how many children his age already had accounts. He also sends me messages – mainly saying hello, and plays the games on there – farmville or whatever the latest thing is.

  4. You have some valid points there pinkoddy. It is a great tool to keep in touch which is why i use it with family in south Africa. Yours is a special circumstance and I’m glad you’re taking precautions and teaching your son the way! It’s the free and unsupervised access that worries me more i think! Thanks for giving a different perspective! X

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