3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s truth… I don’t always feel like it!

  1. What an honest post, and i have to admit that I feel EXACTLY the same alot of the time. I actually like the days when it’s too wet to go out and and I love when Frankie goes for a nap and I can do what I want or watch what I want for that blissful half hour (if I’m lucky). Like you, though, I want to make the change. I am going to get the cleaning done while he’s asleep and sort out some activities for when he wakes up and do something fun with my girls when they get home.
    Great post to give me some motivation!xxx

  2. let them pull every book off the shelf and every toy out of their toy box if what’s happening right now in the next room is anything to go by – a trashed room is the price I’m paying just to check emails and pay bills…oh ok, and read blogs too….sssh, don’t tell anyone I’m slacking!

    great blog x

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