Beware of gory details… It’s my birth stories!!!!!

I’ve decided to join up with Actuallymummy and share my birth story – or stories! And after chatting to some brand new mommies this week it’s kind of all coming back… so here it is!

My first pregnancy came as a shock just 6 months after we had got married!! There go all our travel plans out the window!

It wasn’t too difficult a pregnancy with just the prerequisite nausea and discomfort! Until 19 weeks and 5 days when I had a bleed! That complete helpless feeling of not knowing what is happening and no being able to do anything is so frightening!

Labour arrived 10 days late at 4am with a gush of waters and a soaked bed! After ensuring all was packed and a quick shower we were off to the hospital.  The contractions started in the car and by the time I arrived they were 3 in 10 minutes and I was 2-3 cm dilated. It was whilst they were examining me that my vomiting started – and didn’t stop until my epidural was inserted 11 hours later! I also spiked a temperature of 39 degrees and because of this I was a bit delirious throughout the labour.  11 hours and 2 cm later my blood pressure started dropping, my pulse rate increasing and baby’s heartbeat dipping.  An IV was inserted, epidural started, catheter put in and emergency c-section organised.

Off ran hubby to put more money in the parking metre and get dressed into his scrubs (only about 2 sizes too small!!) He arrived just in time to see our beautiful little Jenna-May being pulled out weighing 9lb 5oz!

My aftercare was horrendous – lack of staff, lack of staff motivation and training meant that there were numerous things missed and done in error. As a nurse and midwife I was lucky enough to be able to pick them out on certain things but if I hadn’t have been things could have turned out a lot worse than it did for my baby.


Onto baby number 2 – this was such an easy pregnancy with NO nausea and just some pelvis issues that my amazing chiropractor sorted out with 1 session!!!

After my last bad experience the consultant and I agreed that a booked c-section was the way to go! We arrived bright and early very excited to get going. BUT… as always I have to change the plan… the consultant examined me and I was 3-4cm dilated and fully effaced. “Wanna give it a try” she said… “oh OK” I said “it is afterall my last try”. ..”they will come by and take you to the delivery suite and break your water in a moment” she said.  6 hours later we were still waiting to be taken over due to the busyness of the ward…hubby and I had had a huge argument off home he went to see Jenna-May and give her some dinner.

Oh course as he left I was taken over to labour ward and my waters broken. Once again about an hour in the nausea and vomiting started … at precisely this stage the anaesthetist arrived to save the day!

9 hours later the epidural stopped working and baby needed a clip put onto his head to keep track of his heartbeat.

Almost exactly 12 hours after the start of labour I was ready to go, at which stage baby’s heart beat disappeared. Emergency bell rung, crash team arrived, “you have one more push to get it out or it’s to theatre” said and out popped my gorgeous little Carter Grant (9lb on the dot!)

6 hours later I was discharged from my labour room home!!! What an amazing feeling to be able to go home and not stay in hospital for 4 days like the previous time!

A stop off at MacDonalds and the station to fetch the new aunty and home for a nap! Big sister came home from our childminder 4 hours later to meet her little brother… what a lovely lovely moment!

Carter  Grant

And now to number 3… the biggest surprise of all… falling pregnant when your baby is 2 and half months pregnant is not for sissy’s! I was exhausted most of the way through but it did fly by thinking back on it!

I decided to try for another VBAC natural birth… but when once again overdue by 9 days I was admitted for induction!

I was eventually only induced on day 11 due to a manic ward.  After 3 different midwifes attempting to break my waters and one registra they eventually decided that actually they had broken on the first try but I’d had no forewaters to leak out… talk about being violated!!

Once the IV was started the actual labour only lasted 3 hours before after 2 pushes my big littelest girl (9lb 2oz) made her entrance! Once again I decided to do a 6 hour discharge which was brilliant. Carter and Jenna had waited up late to meet their little sister and granny was there to welcome her home!

Tamsin Jayne

My 3 labours were all so different!!!

I have 2 pieces of advice for any expectant moms!!

Ladies – you know yourself and you know your baby if you think something isn’t right! Keep on asking until or telling until someone actually listens and checks out your concerns!! Have confidence in yourself!

Just because you had a negative experience the first time around does not mean that it will be the same the second! It took me changing hospitals to get the births I wanted… do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Wow I think that’s my longest post!


7 thoughts on “Beware of gory details… It’s my birth stories!!!!!

    • I purposely didn’t tell them i had any medical trained as I wanted them to explain everything for my husband and not just assume I’d tell him! I only told them on the post natal ward – which made them want to give me a private ward!! Thanks for the prompt!!

  1. Hey Kerry! Was great reading ur birth stories!! U mentioned u changed hospitals? What hospitals were u at and where did u get the best treatment?

    • I went to Watford hospital initially and wasn’t that happy there and then moved to Luton and Dunstable hospital where I found the staff lovely! You can check out and compare hospitals based on patients feedback online which is how I chose the new hospital! definitely worth a look as it is your right to choose where you want to go!

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