I’m getting a special visitor… quick tidy the house!

I have a visitor coming to stay tomorrow.  She’s someone super special to me and our family and definitely someone we don’t get to see often enough with her living in South Africa and us in the UK!

She is someone I can just be me with. She knows me, she’s always know me… and most of the time she even understands me!

Having someone to stay in your house for 3 weeks when there are already 5 of you in a 3 bedroom house is NOT the easiest thing to do… especially when occasionally a few of those current occupiers still wake up at night and scream the house down!!

But for visitors like this… it’s no hassel! None at all. We’d sleep on the floor just to have more of them.

We’ve got nothing planned besides just being and spending time together.  The kids are so excited and can’t wait to see her! Jenna wants to go fetch her from the airport and is even willing to give up school to do it!

Me I’m just looking forward to an extra pair of hands, of a good excuse to drink lots some wine, some sewing tips and just catching up with MY mom!

There is nothing quite like mom and for my kids there is nothing quite like their granny’s!!


3 thoughts on “I’m getting a special visitor… quick tidy the house!

  1. I have my bestie and her family staying with us here in dubai as they are leaving too and have sold everything, I love that it’s comfortable. enjoy and have great fun.x

  2. Is the tidying of the house to make room for her or because, despite how close you are, you still have a little bit of housepride? I am terrible with that; I am the messiest person ever to be born and it is unavoidable that everyone who knows me also knows that fact…yet I will ALWAYS tidy before someone visits, even if it’s just for coffee. I should probably have people round more as perhaps my flat would benefit!
    Have a lovely time with your mum, I’m enjoying reading your blog x

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