Itchy scratchy Eczema

Oh the annoyance that is Eczema!!! Both Jenna and Carter have this annoying and frustrating condition. We are yet to see if Tamsin gets it too but fingers crossed as she is showing no signs and both the other 2 already had at her age!

I am constantly being asked which creams we use to control it so decided to write it all down!!

Jenna suffered so badly and after a year of trying numerous different emollients and steroid combinations we decided to pay privately to see a consultant! Ahhhh… the sound of angels… or just one; wearing a stethoscope and bearing a prescription!!!

Firstly Jenna had a huge staph infection on her skin which needed to be cleared up with antibiotics and some special antibacterial bath wash. Next 2 new creams were added to her growing list of medications. and HALLEBLOOMINGLUJA!!! Within 3 days, her bleeding, red, raw and itchy skin was no longer!  Seriously she was like a different child – she started sleeping through again, without the need for antihistamine to do it.

Obviously whenever she get sick she gets a flare up but just one or 2 applications of her creams (mometasone (Elocon) – for her body, and pimecrolimus (Elidel) – for her face) she pretty much clears up!

We have also recently been given a new emollient to try Double Base Gel – it is really smooth and gets absorbed quickly which is great for maintenance treatment. We also love the Cetaphil ointment which feels brilliant and smooth – however you can’t get it in the big tubes and my GP doesn’t want to prescribe in on the NHS for some reason!

We also use the Oilatum shampoo which is great and bath additive however I don’t think this really helps! We use Dermol to wash the kids with – it’s an antibacterial cream which is good for keeping the staph numbers down on the kids skin.

It’s been an itchy, scratchy, annoying road but I think we finally have our answers! We have also realised that certain foods seem to set off a local reaction of the skin so we avoid anything to acidic – tomato sauce, oranges etc. The change of seasons also seems to set them off… especially the transition to winter and colder weather which really annoys their faces – a good dose of emollient before setting out usually helps, and chapstick!

Anyone else got other suggestions or stories about your experience!?!?


3 thoughts on “Itchy scratchy Eczema

  1. Hi Botha Bunch 😉

    When my biggest was little, she was covered in eczema… she really suffered for the first year and a half of her life, we tried everything from steroids to organic olive oil then one sunday I saw an article in the Sunday Times for a “NEW” treatment… Cardiospermum Gel.
    It was a bit pricey (about £30) but we were desperate to help her so willing to try everything. The gel arrived and was cold and watery and she (my biggest) hated it, but we persevered and within two weeks there was a massive improvement and within a month the eczema was gone. To date (7yrs on) we have only had a couple of incidences where a new soap or sun cream will irritate her slightly sensitive skin but the eczema condition seems to have completely cleared up. I would recommend Cardiospermum Products to anyone suffering with eczema.

  2. Couldn’t read and run.

    Oh My goodness – I could talk for hours on this subject. My daughter was hospitalised with it and we used to have to bandage up her hands and sedate her at night – I could cry just thinking about it!

    We are very lucky and have everything under control at the minute (Thanks to some great docs). It sounds like you may have turned a corner but if you want to talk it trough with someone who has been where you are then give me a shout.

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