Blooming heck I’ve just won an award!

So I’ve finally done it! I’ve just gone and won an award! Thanks super duper huge heaps to the lovely newly based Amsterdam blogger Expatbabyadventures!!!

Drumroll…. here it is…..

Now with every good thing there is some rules to go along with it! I now need to tell you 7 secrets about myself ….

1.  I have a little obsession with pimples and popping them… gross I know!

2.  I once pulled out so much of my hair that I had a bald spot… hello side parting!

3.  I occasionally steal my husbands razor to use! Shhhhh

4.  I once got an epilator stuck to my under arm hair and couldn’t get it off… ahhhh!!!

5.  I love gore… the realer the better… which is why I loved my nursing theatre rotation!

6.  I love cold morning after pizza… for breakfast!

7. I don’t iron my clothes… any of them… I know I know… very slummy!

Rule 2 is to pass this award onto 15 other fabulous bloggers… seriously…. So sorry if you’ve already got one!

1.  Mummybigbum

2. Mayfairmum

3.  Motherwifeme

4.  theboyandme

5. morethanamum

6.  catsyellowdays

7.  stessymummy

8.  SAHDandproud

9. mylovebumps

10. snafflesmummy

11. dorkymum

12. livingitlittle

Ok so I know the rules said 15 but 12’s pretty good!! Let me know if you decide to take part I’d love to have a read!

What do you think?

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