Some tree bling!

To go along with the crafty theme that has been going on lately here is some of the tree bling I made recently!

Once again Pinterest inspired me and I thought it would be a good idea to combine this with a gift for some lovely little nieces and nephews living across the ocean in both SA and Aus!

The back and front views – with initials = less arguments!

I was going to make some for my kids and thought “how lovely would it be if all the cousins had the decorations, one for every year until they finally leave home”.  Well we’ll see how long that continues but I think it’s a nice thought!

And add that they’re light enough to post with the Christmas card – which I really must get on and write – or delegate to hubby! And that they were so easy to make with some left over felt from the advent calendar!

What you making for pressies this year?!


One thought on “Some tree bling!

  1. Ahh love them! I’ve been desperately trying to think of presents to send my bother and sister-in-law in Aus, but haven’t come up with anything good – esp as we have a £5 limit and it hurts when the postage costs more than the gift. Might try a version of these (even though yours were for children!)

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