Bringing in the new year with a satcap!

It’s one of my favorite time of the week, where I get to read your comments and thoughts on the photo!!

I love this one – the result of poor parental planning on Hub’s part!!

There are many more to be found just head on over to Mammasaurus to check them out!

Have a fabulous NYE everyone! May 2012 be a great one!

Resolutely resolving to keep resolutions

I wish there was  a statistic that showed ACCURATELY how many people actual stick to and succeed at their new year resolutions! I mean is it really worth the effort????

It is a good time to reflect on your life and things you would like to either get rid of or gain in yours and your family’s life.

I have one main resolution for 2012: I WILL REMAIN NOT PREGNANT FOR THE WHOLE OF 2012!!!!!! To some that might not be such a big thing but I haven’t had a year since 2007 when I have not been pregnant for at least some of it! 3 babies in 3 years is hard work dang it!

There are many other things I’ll like to add to my list including:

  • Make a chore list and stick to it – equally!!
  • lose weight
  • do more fun (free) things as a family
  • get more organised on the blog
  • get more organised with meals and stick to meal plan
  • make more money – some how, some way, any way will do!
  • get back into a sport
  • master at least one craft!!

There are many other thing’s I’d add to that list but it can’t be never ending can it! And you know what even if none of  those on the list get done I’m OK – as long as that big one in blue is successful!!

My dear,

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

And those who do believe do.

So the lesson is clear: believe in what you want most, go after it, find it, and eventually you’ll posses it.

But it all starts there; firstly, you’ve got to believe.

Falsely yours,
Roald Dahl

Blessings for the new year may it be a great one for you and your family!!



Trust you all had a super time this last weekend with family and friends celebrating this crazy time of the year. Trust your dinners or lunches went off without any hitches and nothing was left in the oven not having made it to the table.

This year with our 3 little ones for the first time as a trio it was a little different. We had running commentary from JM; “its this many sleeps to Christmas and I want this and that for Christmas” and JM would then announce what CG would want for Christmas and poor TJ was a little oblivious to it all, much like both JM and CG last year.

It’s really crazy when one thinks how things change in a year. I mean JM really knew about Santa this year and what he does and how he does it, we as parents didn’t really discuss it and found it crazy how all of a sudden we had to start discussing all this stuff with a 3 year old. It is amazing the level of influence in a little person’s life from her school, yes I know this is all part of her growing up and then on the other hand knowing we can’t wrap JM in cotton wool for the rest of her life.

This did spark the great debate amongst mom and dad aka myself and KM, what do we tell JM, do we tell her it’s a myth or do we play along with the fantasy of some big rather dad looking like character coming down a chimney to deliver presents if one has been good for the year beforehand. How do we begin to explain that chimneys are not part of the modern British home? Then resorting to more fantasy about a magic key. Anyway this debate did cause a stir among the lawmakers of the Botha Household. Obviously as you have probably figured out, it was 1 vs. 1 to begin. In the end I agreed that it was too late, two weeks before Christmas to start the discussion after already playing along with the story about the red fat man. Needless to say the mince pie and Baileys was put out along with some reindeer food!

We made sure that the fat red man was countered with the real reason for Christmas, why do we celebrate and what we celebrate, etc. Yes we celebrate the fact that Jesus was born in a stable and that He had gifts brought to him, much like gifts are brought to us in a sense. Never the less we had a great nativity calendar up, made by my super crafty wife and in each of the days were animals or people who attended that rather famous night Bethlehem. For the record, in our story it was noted that we had Bunny rabbits attending, together with chickens… Ok I know its not Easter yet, but a major shop aka Tesco’s were selling Easter eggs before Christmas… What is this world coming to?

To go back on the whole celebration and birthday of Christmas, our little monkeys will be forever confused about this celebration as we did also wish KM’s mom with a birthday cake and all. So I guess we did sing Happy birthday for two reasons on the 25th. Equipped with cake we sang the tune via skype to a happy Dodo in PE. So those of you out there thinking that explaining this Christmas thing is a piece of cake, spare a thought for those of us trying to explain that their granny shares a birthday with one if not the most influential man that ever walked on this planet.

Back to our celebrations, we did the whole Christmas lunch thing on Boxing day to allow us to celebrate with my mom, gran and Paul, who might I add every year do the noble thing and give meals out on Christmas day to those who are lonely through the Salvation Army. It was great to spend Boxing Day with my gran and our little ones gran-gran. Thanks to my mom and Paul for the drive there and back for this occasion to happen. Needless to say our bellies were full with the normal gammon, beef, brussell sprouts, parsnips, etc. Don’t mention the Yorkshire puddings which stayed in the freezer or the little present boxes with post lunch sweets inside which stayed on top of the fridge. It was great and only a day ago did we finish the leftovers…. probably the best part of Christmas dinner…the leftovers.

We did however do a very normal South African thing on Christmas day, we braai’d. Yes we had Lee and Dave with us and did steak, boerewors, chicken etc on the braai with salad, all done in 13 deg weather. Believe it or not, the hottest Christmas day temp in Britain for some 20 years.

From the present point of view, it was super cool to see the expressions on JM’s face and even that of the speed man of present opening… Mr CG himself. So much so that we had to rewrap Gran-gran’s present twice before it was given to the rightful owner a day later. I must say on the one hand it is nicer to have little ones to see them open their presents and be happy with them then on the other hand not having little ones and opening all ‘your’ presents.

One of the little trips we did recently was going into London where we experienced the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Even though it took us 2.5hrs to do a 30min trip we still had a great time in the cold. It was great to walk around and thank goodness we had a double buggy, which acted as a battering ram as there were hordes and hordes of people. It was great to see the many lights on all the fairground rides, the ice rink, and the little Santa’s grotto. They also enjoyed the singing chickens and the talking tree was a big hit. It was great fun even though we spent more on the car parking in London then we did during the 3 hours at the Wonderland. Only for a friend to tell us afterwards that if we were to walk 5 minutes away it would have been free parking…note to self: Do more research before doing the London thing.

So what else have we been doing, Church is going great and still growing in the right direction. We had over 100 people come to our Christingle Service which was super as well as we were blessed with tickets to our churches first Winter Ball with live band and great food too. It was great to boogie the night away with friends.

Last but not least is to mention that our boy is now a BIG boy, he is sleeping in his big boy bed as noted by his sister JM. She is still keen to tell us in no uncertain terms that she is still the oldest even though CG is now a big boy is his big boy bed.

Well I guess that’s it for another month, I’ll do another one of these next year, sounds a long time away.

Have a super time this next weekend in what ever you choose to celebrate the dawning of 2012.

Big boys need big beds!

My baby boy is growing up! I know it was bound to happen and everyone says it happens so fast but does it really have to be this quick!

It feels like a few weeks ago that he turned one and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t gone into labour yet with baby sister! She was due only 3 days before this birthday and I was convinced I was going to miss it! This is the only time I can say I was happy to be over due! In the end their birthdays are 9 days apart and land in different months too – small mercies!

Anyway back to my baby boy! He is now 21 months, a very mobile, agile and climby 21 months! I’m surprised he hasn’t managed to climb out of his cot yet but with his leg up on the side it’s bound to happen soon! And so the decision was made to move him to his big boy bed…*sob*!

There are other factors involved too; the fact that there are 2 cots and a bed in his and Tamsin’s room and I can’t wait to get rid of the 1 cot to make more space for playing and general mayhem! And the fact that the second cot isn’t ours and has already needed to be mended where the cot side fell apart!

Night 1  involved some very hyped up children after a bath time filled with new bath toys! We followed exactly the same routine as every other night. Story, followed by a little prayed, followed by a cuddle and goodnight kiss. Into bed you go and out the door we go. 3 rapid returns later it went quiet so we headed down stairs. After about 15 minutes he was up again. Put him back to bed, rubbed his back for a minute or 2 and … success!!! 45 minutes after lights out he was lights out himself! We had a tumble out of bed about 2 hours later but he then slept through until 7:30!

Night 2  we put up the stair gate over the door and decided to give him a few minutes to settle himself without going in and within 30 minutes he had after playing and exploring for a while put himself to bed and gone to sleep! He slept through again until a respectful 6:30 this morning before padding up the stairs to join us for a cuddle in our bed!

There are a few things we have done to help the transition:

  • Reading him stories on his bed for the past few months and always referring to it as HIS big boy bed.
  • Putting his cot blanket and special bunny in the bed waiting for him at night; with all his soft toys at the bottom of his bed.
  • And following the same routine as we have always done.

*Touch wood* so far he seems to be getting the hang of it! I think having a big sister in a big bed definitely makes it less scary!

I am a bit scared to think that this time next year we’ll be putting the 3rd one into a big bed! Then there will definitely be no peace!

What tips and tricks did you use to get your child to transition to a big bed!




Another year and another Christmas done…

We’ve had a lovely Christmas, good food, bubbles,  family, laughter, love and gifts! Afternoon naps and someone falling asleep on the couch, left overs and the smell of mulled wine and christmas pudding!

I hope yours has been as good! Here’s our in pictures!

Getting into the holiday spirit with a nativity christingle Explore service!

The stocking ritual!

Bailey’s and a mince-pie for Santa!

Reindeer food, and my son in pink Dora slippers! Hence my daughter is in none!

Guess the fat guy came after all!

It’s not just Jesus’ birthday on the 25th it’s also Dodo’s!!!

Home made Bokke scarfs from Dodo!

My gorgeous christmas girls!

Granny and Paul!

The gift carnage.

How many hats does one girl need.

“oh mommy we’ve got a park in our garden now!!!!”

A season spirit snap slap.

I was all set on doing another Christmas snap slap this week, it goes so quick I just want to make it last!! But then I started playing and decided to do this one instead! Getting in the mood for spring…

The original –

As usual 2 photo’s I’ve played with… 1 is never enough!

See some more slappers over on fivegoblogging!

And as an added bonus here is the one I was playing with earlier from Christmas day! My 2 gorgeous girls having a cuddle and giggle!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

A blessed time of year!

Christmas truly is a time for family, friends and faith and it’s around this time every year I start thinking about how incredibly lucky we are have all 3 of those.  Every year I wish we were closer to family and friends we love but I can’t remember once thinking I wish I had more faith at this time of the year!

It’s a time that inspires faith! It’s a time that makes us remember what makes our/my chosen religion is so special and a time to remind ourselves of why we believe and how we came to that decision!

The inspirational story of a brave young lady, pregnant whilst still a virgin; of a stand up young man who decided to stick with his lady even though her story made no sense and people would have judged him unfairly. Of a special baby born and laid in a manger. Visits from angels, magi and special, magical stars that guided the way.  It’s a story soo unbelievable it’s got to be true.  It’s a story the whole world celebrates – whether or not they believe, it’s a symbol of hope and peace in a world that so badly needs it!

So lets celebrate this year with love, peace, thanksgiving, family, friends and faith! May the magic of christmas touch each and every one of you!

I think Jenna’s prayer tonight so brilliantly sums it all up: “Thank you for Christmas, thank you for reindeer food and Santa. And thank you for Jesus Christ so we can all live for always”.  Out of the mouth’s of babes!!

God bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Just a little something to add to top up the Christmas spirit – it just isn’t christmas without a little Boney M!!