Surprise surprise…

The 4th of December this year marks the big 30 for hubby and being the sucker I am, I decided to try to make it a memorable one by doing a surprise party a couple of days early! Which would explain why I’ve been so quite on the blog etc this week!!

I succeeded but man it’s hard to hide secrets from someone you live with, especially when they have access to your bank accounts and how much money you spend!

Seriously I don’t know how people have affairs, it’s so tiring lying to someone you are close to!

Mom and I spent a full day cooking and prepping the canapes for the party, setting up and trying to distract 3 babies and keep them out the kitchen! And trying to keep the 3 year in the dark about the party or else the secret would be out – big mouth!

And SURPRISE… after convincing the hubs we were going to have a quite dinner out we arrived at the venue to between 40-50 friends standing in the dark ready to spring the SURPRISE!!!

Success!!! Hubby was in shock… so much so that he burst into tears and couldn’t talk! It was a really lovely evening with some lovely friends who really made this 30th birthday one to remember!

Today (his actual birthday) was spent having lunch with his mom and sister and then tea and cake with my mom, sister and bro in law thrown in!Jenna has loved singing at every opportunity and the candles had to be lit twice just to hear it again!

And tomorrow we do the birthday thing all again with my birthday… dang I’ll be older than him again for the rest of the year again!


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